Digital Diagram Designer

by Adrian Weber and Andreas Schmid, January 2006

Informations on using Digital Diagram Designer

An introduction to Digital Diagram Designer can be found on the help page. The SVG demo map and HTML demo map show examples how Digital Diagram Designer can be used.

Data File Upload (if required)

Choose a thm file (maximum size is 500KB)

Diagram Creation

All fields are required unless otherwise indicated. (See the Diagram Creation section on the help page for information about the parameters.)

URL of thm file

Coordinate system image Diagram layer extent (world coordinates)
Upper left x
Upper left y
Lower right x
Lower right y

Diagram type and parameters
Pie Chart
Wing Chart
Bar Chart
Start color (optional, default: FF0000)
End color (optional, default: FFFF00)
Total diagram angle [degrees] (optional, default: 360)
Diagram area scaling factor (optional, default: 1)

Output format and size
SVG File
SVG Group
Width of the output image [pixels]
Height of the output image [pixels]

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